The end of week one: arrival at my host fam­i­ly’s home where I will be liv­ing for the next 11 weeks. Train­ing begins in full force on Mon­day. They are a love­ly fam­i­ly — very warm, gen­er­ous, and patient. I am their sec­ond Peace Corps trainee, but I’m not sure what lev­el of Span­ish the pre­vi­ous trainee came in with. No me pre­ocupo, or from their side no te pre­ocu­pas. poco a poco.

I have plen­ty of pic­tures, but I need to get a cou­ple of con­fir­ma­tions and per­mis­sions. I need to fig­ure out how to ask in Span­ish if I can put their pic­tures up here.