I backed into the per­fect activ­i­ty for Chil­dren’s Day this past week­end. A cur­rent vol­un­teer brought to our atten­tion a sort of a halfway house for chil­dren in one of the north­ern colo­nias of the city that des­per­ate­ly needs repairs. She orga­nized a group of cur­rent vol­un­teers and trainees to go out and start mak­ing these repairs.

On Sat­ur­day we worked on the girls’ bath­room, a win­dow, the kitchen sink, the out­side stairs, and we assessed all of their old com­put­ers. The writ­ten list does­n’t seem to ful­ly cap­ture what we did, but it was an extreme­ly reward­ing day. I’m look­ing for­ward to going back and work­ing on the house some more. There were a lot of good ideas for how to paint the house and make it a brighter place for the kids.

The house “Hog­ar del Joven” has a web­site which trans­lates pret­ty well: http://www.hogardeljoven.com/inicio

The piñata project seems to be their main focus, but the glass­es are a real­ly inter­est­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty. I want to write more about this lat­er, but I’m going to post this for now, and I’ll come back and add to this post later.

Tes­sa and I rocked the sink and win­dow projects. We real­ly did, except for that inci­dent with the caulk­ing gun.