I joined another volunteer in one of her secondary project activities yesterday helping Otomi women at the Niños y Niñas de México organization work on they gift-card making project. They make cards that have an embroidered cover with a large variety of designs. The women do the embroidery work then they can bring it in to finish the rest of the card-making steps at a weekly workshop time at the headquarters. We can help with these other steps at the workshop, because it is a labor-intensive process to make the cards. The results are fantastic-looking, with high quality control from the Sister in charge of the project. It was very nice to have the opportunity to do work completely different from my basically desk-job primary project work. I look forward to going back and working with my hands once a week while I can be of help. I helped in basically all the stages of the card-making except ironing the backing onto the embroidery, and I helped color in some of the patterns and wind thread into smaller divisions for the women to take with them.

It’s hard not to buy a bunch of cards, especially after helping to make them. I’m going to end up with plenty of them though, since they look great and the money goes to the women. The organization in general helps these indigenous families, especially providing education for the children. I want to say more about this non-profit, but I need to make sure I understand the organization and don’t misspeak.

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