It was quite a weekend, which started on Thursday. By Saturday afternoon I felt like a zombie, which coincided perfectly with the Zombie Walk 2011 through the center of town. I was missing the obvious blood, but my hands were fairly scraped up on close inspection after having spend the morning (apparently somewhat desperately) clinging to a couple of crack routes in Las Tepuzas.

Not knowing what to expect for the Zombie Walk, it seemed like a great turnout. Many people had excellent make-up and were really committed to staying in character. There was a lot of random screaming that started periodically in the crowd, and when one of the sidewalk restaurants started playing “Thriller” it was just the perfect final touch.

While most people had obvious zombie make-up, there were a few people who seemed to be more on the vampire or just-trying-to-be-creepy make-up. Maybe I should google some more of these things, because I am apparently not completely caught up in the zombie mythos. I was baffled by the guy with the beer box on his head and zombie make-up until I googled “box head zombie”, and that is a real thing.

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