It was quite a week­end, which start­ed on Thurs­day. By Sat­ur­day after­noon I felt like a zom­bie, which coin­cid­ed per­fect­ly with the Zom­bie Walk 2011 through the cen­ter of town. I was miss­ing the obvi­ous blood, but my hands were fair­ly scraped up on close inspec­tion after hav­ing spend the morn­ing (appar­ent­ly some­what des­per­ate­ly) cling­ing to a cou­ple of crack routes in Las Tepuzas.

Not know­ing what to expect for the Zom­bie Walk, it seemed like a great turnout. Many peo­ple had excel­lent make-up and were real­ly com­mit­ted to stay­ing in char­ac­ter. There was a lot of ran­dom scream­ing that start­ed peri­od­i­cal­ly in the crowd, and when one of the side­walk restau­rants start­ed play­ing “Thriller” it was just the per­fect final touch.

While most peo­ple had obvi­ous zom­bie make-up, there were a few peo­ple who seemed to be more on the vam­pire or just-try­ing-to-be-creepy make-up. Maybe I should google some more of these things, because I am appar­ent­ly not com­plete­ly caught up in the zom­bie mythos. I was baf­fled by the guy with the beer box on his head and zom­bie make-up until I googled “box head zom­bie”, and that is a real thing.