It started with a afternoon of climbing on Saturday. I lead three really nice routes and had no falls. The camping followed on Saturday evening, and was going very well with one of my favorite combos: red wine, cheese, and bread. There was no rain, no mosquitos, a nice fire, and then whiskey. The final combination was not kind to me, not unexpectedly. I even went to bed relatively early compared to the group after being very responsible and trying to drink a lot of water, but Sunday was not to be a good climbing day. I was naturally tired, but I felt a bit guilty about my grumpy mood, because it can still just be a nice day outside. However, I tend to get a bit frustrated with myself. Mainly, I just felt like a taking a shower and a nap. Also, I didn’t want to erase the feeling of the good leads with some bad ones. After walking over to the first climbing sector and seeing the whole group already started, three of us decided to head over to different sector. That was a good decision, because the tranquility and the friendly two-pitch route helped my state of mind a lot. That was all the climbing that I did yesterday, which was fine.

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