This time the plan was camp, climb, fiesta, maybe more climbing. However, looking back to Friday, my stomach was already a bit off. The (nearly) 3-hour run on Friday probably didn’t help. In fact, it kind of destroyed me. Maybe an ominous portent for Saturday, I had no energy to post about my success for running 2h51m. I will let me feet serve as evidence:

"After" showering

Whatever the circumstances or my bad luck, things only got worse with my stomach through the evening on Friday and I woke up on Saturday with some wicked cramping. However, I did wake up in a beautiful setting on a high plateau above Guanajuato, and luckily I had no other symptoms besides cramping and an achey body. I had no energy, so I spent most of the day sleeping in the car while everyone was bouldering (bouldering!) 100m away. My energy was so low though that I couldn’t even think of putting on my shoes. Twice during the day I dragged myself from the car to go check out the climbing. Sigh.

After 6 extra hours of rest, I was already starting to feel a bit better on Saturday evening. I still couldn’t eat anything besides apples, but I put in a bit of face time at the fiesta before heading to bed again. I was recuperating quickly on Sunday, but there was no more climbing. Next time, always next time. Overall, the weekend was still great though. If I was going to sleep through most of the weekend, better to sleep through it in a new, beautiful setting than at home, wondering when my gas leak will finally empty my tank.

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