This time the plan was camp, climb, fies­ta, maybe more climb­ing. How­ev­er, look­ing back to Fri­day, my stom­ach was already a bit off. The (near­ly) 3‑hour run on Fri­day prob­a­bly did­n’t help. In fact, it kind of destroyed me. Maybe an omi­nous por­tent for Sat­ur­day, I had no ener­gy to post about my suc­cess for run­ning 2h51m. I will let me feet serve as evidence:

After” show­er­ing

What­ev­er the cir­cum­stances or my bad luck, things only got worse with my stom­ach through the evening on Fri­day and I woke up on Sat­ur­day with some wicked cramp­ing. How­ev­er, I did wake up in a beau­ti­ful set­ting on a high plateau above Gua­na­ju­a­to, and luck­i­ly I had no oth­er symp­toms besides cramp­ing and an achey body. I had no ener­gy, so I spent most of the day sleep­ing in the car while every­one was boul­der­ing (boul­der­ing!) 100m away. My ener­gy was so low though that I could­n’t even think of putting on my shoes. Twice dur­ing the day I dragged myself from the car to go check out the climb­ing. Sigh.

After 6 extra hours of rest, I was already start­ing to feel a bit bet­ter on Sat­ur­day evening. I still could­n’t eat any­thing besides apples, but I put in a bit of face time at the fies­ta before head­ing to bed again. I was recu­per­at­ing quick­ly on Sun­day, but there was no more climb­ing. Next time, always next time. Over­all, the week­end was still great though. If I was going to sleep through most of the week­end, bet­ter to sleep through it in a new, beau­ti­ful set­ting than at home, won­der­ing when my gas leak will final­ly emp­ty my tank.