…in Mexico, but it certainly has been 1-cat cold. So, I had to get a cat. Of course. Since meeting the effervescent Dulce, I had been considering getting a cat, but I was firm on wanting to rescue one. What was saving me was that I didn’t know the words in Spanish for “animal shelter”.  Then, a few days ago, a friend on Facebook liked some sort of animal shelter in Mexico City. So, I followed some links, found some of the right words, and discovered my local animal shelter online. I thought “what’s the harm in asking a few questions about the adoption process?”, and presto I had an email response back. Then, coming home from the office yesterday, I was in-time to stop by the shelter and take a look at the cats. The people running the “refugio” or shelter seem to know what they are doing, but the conditions were not great. So, I had to rescue one. I had to. I didn’t have the paperwork necessary yesterday, and it was a little overwhelming to choose one of the 6 or so available cats so I asked Micha to go back with me today. We ran around all morning in between helping at Niños y Niñas and picked up the necessary supplies. Then we went over the shelter and home I came with Cariña. Her name in the shelter was Cata, but that doesn’t seem to work for her. She’s much more a Cariña, or we can see if some other name comes along that suits her even better. The first few hours at home have been going well. She was an understandable amount freaked out, but not too bad. She’s very vocal, but already quieting down a bit.

The pictures tell the story of her first hours at home, and probably tell the story in a more interesting way than me continuing to write about my cat. In my interview at the shelter yesterday I had to answer a bunch of questions, but most of the first ones made it very clear that I am a lady living alone, now with a cat. So yes, I’m forcing my new cat pictures on everyone I meet for the next few days. One would think that having my platform here would be enough, but she’s just so cute that I need to show her to everyone.

There is much more that I could write. It has been quite an exciting day. Stressful in the way that change is always stressful. I know it was the right decision to get her, but I had and have my doubts because I do travel a bit and who knows what comes after Mexico. She’s sterilized and had all her shots, so maybe she will just move along with me…

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