Apparently one way that development work can start is with a wad of cash. This is Micha and me making the transfer of funds for the efficient wood-burning cookstove project. Ah, nothing like getting a few thousand dollars in denominations of $5’s, $10’s and $50’s, or their peso equivalents. Pretty exciting and a bit scary, and I am glad to have it out of my handbag. Although, mainly it was just exciting. Starting the project and hopefully ordering the stoves tomorrow will also be exciting.

Just to be clear, this is not my money. These funds are from our USAID-funded Small Project Assistance Grant which will go to the purchase of 36 efficient wood-burning stoves. Through the vagaries of the Mexican banking system and the project organization, it was easiest to separate the funds by withdrawing the entire sum in cash and depositing them into their own shiny, brand-new bank account.

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