And two definitely wilder canine boys. You know who is the perfect picnic companion when you aren’t drinking? Yes, real question, not the set-up to a bad one-liner. Pregnant ladies make the best friends when you can’t drink either. Abbie and I got real crazy in the park on a beautiful President’s Day afternoon with sparkling cranberry cider straight from the bottle, snack mix, and chocolate muffins. Then we really had a thrill when we went shopping for office supplies. We were left breathless and sweaty with candlelight flow yoga. Like I said, wild and crazy times. Last night was girlie night at the movies, with Austin (and now a bunch of other cities) having perhaps the best movie-going experience possible at the various Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. One of my infrequent plugs, but what the hell. It is such a wonderfully civilized movie experience. Try and guess the Girlie Night movie. The theater advertised it as “Two words: Ryan Gosling. You’re welcome.” The toast before the movie was something like “To Ryan Gosling, for ruining real men forever.”  Another gem was “If you are in a relationship, by the end of this movie you will be unsatisfied with it.” Whew. Dodged that bullet.

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