I’m just going to sit here

Don’t make me decide. It’s too hot to do anything but swim. Really  too hot to swim, so I’m just going to sit here.

Let it out

It wasn’t the most amazing sunset ever, but it still makes me take a deep breath, let it out, and feel more relaxed. Michigan in the summer is so amazingly beautiful. I had no idea.

Brand Spankin’ New

I’m at an age where I seem to consistently have 3 or 4 pregnant friends at any time. At least this time it was a local friend so I can at least take some pictures now that the baby is here. I wanted to meet the baby primarily, but I also wanted to give them […]

End of day monarchy

I’m not even sure what the title means, that is how fried I am. However, a quick photography stop for sunflowers became even more glorious with my lepidopterous friend here. Again, unabashed word abuse, but I like the way it sounds.

My what big eyes you have

I needed a goal before I began tackling some photo library organization and clean-up this evening. It only took me 4 days to actually start after thinking up the idea. Tedious but necessary. Finding interesting eyes makes it a bit more bearable.

Hopefully “Pardon Our Dust” Coming Soon

Can’t you just see it? Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? I’m a rockstar at mind-mapping. Definitely need to add that to the résumé. Now I have to find the time to sit down and actually do the redesign. The idea is that by posting this, I have to hold myself accountable to it. We’ll see how […]

A plumed thistle for your thoughts?

Found on a pleasant evening dog-walk. It is either a Wavyleaf thistle or a Texas thistle – still investigating the subtle differences between Cirsium undulatum and Cirsium texanum. Any botanists want to chime in? Both are plumed thistles, I believe.

Turn the car around

No seriously, I swear there are zebras back there. Nothing like classic weekend Americana in Texas Hill Country. Best unexpected zebra detail: fuzzy ears I just hope they aren’t for selling zebra meat.

Bad influence

If only I could say that this wasn’t one of several similarly-sized stacks of treats to return with me. It’s for presents. Sure, presents. Except, I can’t give the squished ones away.Dino made me do it. Dragged me all over the grocery store.  

Oh, why hello there

It’s nice to see you again too. You are so beautiful, mountains. I’m happy that after two years apart, you were only shy for a few days before letting me see you again. I’ve missed you. Why don’t we do something on Sunday? I hear the weather is supposed to be very nice. I would […]