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Be right back

Be right back

Can’t write now. It’s fon­due time.
April flowers

April flowers

Spring is pushed a month ear­ly here, so it should have been March show­ers for April flow­ers, but there has not been enough rain. I’ll wait anoth­er week, but things are get­ting des­per­ate in terms of wild­flow­ers. I might just be walk­ing down the high­way medi­ans, because that’s where all the best flow­ers appear to be. This is...
Eat, Pray, Dinosaur

Eat, Pray, Dinosaur

I know. I know. I’m sup­posed to be tran­si­tion­ing to more pro­fes­sion­al mate­r­i­al on the blog while I am still search­ing for employ­ment, but I was giv­en a new dinosaur! In minia­ture! Per­fect for new pho­to projects. We did some bak­ing today — after I did my yoga and sent out a cou­ple of cov­er let­ters and resumés, of course. You...
Out of the theater

Out of the theater

And into the near-sum­mer bright­ness and heat on this last day of “Spring Break.” My SXSW film round-up will be com­ing soon. First, my first birds of Texas! A Gold­en-cheeked War­bler and a North­ern Cardinal.
SXSW 2013 - first days at a film festival

SXSW 2013 — first days at a film festival

I’m tak­ing a short break from real­i­ty to take advan­tage of SXSW being in town. Since it is spring break, I have a part­ner in crime who does­n’t have to work, since she teach­es, and is the per­fect movie-going com­pan­ion for an unem­ployed gal. The pro­gram of movies alone is over­whelm­ing, and that does­n’t even count the gen­er­al...
There's always something else

There’s always something else

Well, my new Texas dri­ver’s license says that I am offi­cial­ly a res­i­dent. It’s nice to be back to read­ing a paper each morn­ing, includ­ing the cross­word in a lan­guage where I stand a chance. Sun­days seem to just dis­ap­pear into the big ones. Still, I did­n’t expect it to be like this… What is a Chi­wee­nie? Oh dear lord. Then I googled it. The...
Wild and crazy gals

Wild and crazy gals

And two def­i­nite­ly wilder canine boys. You know who is the per­fect pic­nic com­pan­ion when you aren’t drink­ing? Yes, real ques­tion, not the set-up to a bad one-lin­er. Preg­nant ladies make the best friends when you can’t drink either. Abbie and I got real crazy in the park on a beau­ti­ful Pres­i­den­t’s Day after­noon with sparkling cran­ber­ry cider...
This is crazy... but you called me, maybe?

This is crazy… but you called me, maybe?

Some­times you just have to take the call. As some­one in the midst of the job search, I cer­tain­ly under­stand the impor­tance of a phone call. So, I did­n’t mind that our beau­ti­ful Sat­ur­day ride down to the beach was occa­sion­al­ly inter­rupt­ed to fin­ish mak­ing evening plans. I don’t think this is what was ini­tial­ly envi­sioned for the...
Well now, that's a bit different

Well now, that’s a bit different

I start­ed edit­ing the pics I took of all my stuff while pack­ing, but they still throw me into a bit of a pan­ic attack, even know­ing that every­thing fit and all the trav­els went smooth­ly. So, in the meantime… Ewok dog makes a great tem­po­rary sub­sti­tute for my cat. And now, onward to the job hunt! (With a few...
Camp Mariposas - the Graduation

Camp Mariposas — the Graduation

The only group pic­ture known to exist with your tru­ly includ­ed. Ah, the per­ils of being the des­ig­nat­ed pho­tog­ra­ph­er, a posi­tion that I love, but I did have to round up the whole group at the end of the pic­ture-tak­ing ses­sion because I did­n’t have a sin­gle group pic­ture with myself includ­ed. I am so proud to have been a part of...
Just hiding out for a few days

Just hiding out for a few days

Qui­et hol­i­days and New Year’s, but now there are plen­ty of things in the works. So, I’m keep­ing my head down, fin­ish­ing up a whole bunch of stuff, and doing some light cat-sit­ting in the meanwhile. More soon. Much more, very soon. Hap­py New Year and all that.
Holiday Time

Holiday Time

Being with fam­i­ly for the hol­i­days is always a spe­cial, large­ly food-filled time. I’ve final­ly found the appro­pri­ate clock for telling hol­i­day time.