200 Soccer Balls

We take a break from our regularly scheduled TB updates to discuss some actual work. This video is a thank you to a group of donors from the States and all the Peace Corps Volunteers that helped in a simple, fun project that I organized in Mexico over the course of 2012 basically. We received […]

How to build a combustion chamber

The trickiest portion of the efficient cookstove construction process is assembling the internal combustion chamber. It isn’t difficult, but requires a few sets of hands and understanding how the interior pieces fit together. Two women hold the pieces in place while a third filled in around them with the sand/gravel mixture. This was the fourth […]

Getting ready

Best watched on repeat. chalking-up2 from Karen M on Vimeo.

A new day

From Isla Isabel, Nayarit. I finally got around to assembling the time-lapse video. It’s been a pretty quiet week otherwise. Busy, but quiet. [vimeo http://vimeo.com/41466873 w=500&h=400] Apparently I bumped the camera a couple of times. Still, for a first attempt at time-lapse video and manually timing each shot, I’m happy.