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The most wonderful time of the year

The most wonderful time of the year

The cir­cus fes­ti­val is back! The cir­cus fes­ti­val is back! For­get all oth­er ways of mark­ing Peace Corps ser­vice time, I am now just count­ing time in between fes­ti­vals of acro­bat­ics. Tonight was the kick-off of the 5th annu­al Fes­ti­val Inter­na­cional Alter­na­ti­vo de Artes Escéni­cas, or Sigu­ien­tesce­na. It seems a lit­tle small­er than last year, but there is...
Critical Mass in Mexico

Critical Mass in Mexico

Or, as it is known here, Saca la Bici. It pass­es my win­dow every Wednes­day evening and I often watch them go with­out my cam­era. Final­ly I more than just got off my duff to stick myself and my cam­era out the win­dow. Now I just need a bicy­cle to join them.  
January Cultural Leftovers

January Cultural Leftovers

From the Down the Street on a Fri­day Night post, here are some of the oth­er images I cap­tured at the stum­bled upon cul­tur­al event in the next neigh­bor­hood over from mine. The cos­tumes were amaz­ing, and I wish the pic­tures weren’t so blur­ry. My good lens still couldn’t quite han­dle the com­bi­na­tion of low light and danc­ing.
Down the street on a Friday night

Down the street on a Friday night

I’m not sure which one I like bet­ter. 1. or, 2. 
These kids today...

These kids today…

…and their vio­lent games. They are either beat­ing on some­thing with a stick, or just play­ing with fire.
Day of the Dead - Ofrendas

Day of the Dead — Ofrendas

It bog­gles the mind how much bet­ter sug­ar and choco­late can get, but make them into amaz­ing skulls and oth­er dec­o­ra­tions and there you have it. The ofren­das, or offer­ings for the day of the dead altars can be pic­tures, food, flow­ers, and many sym­bol­ic items. The pic­tures that I took, most­ly in the mar­kets, show...
Day of the Dead - El Panteón Municipal

Day of the Dead — El Panteón Municipal

On the morn­ing of Dia de los Muer­tos, my moth­er (vis­it arranged to cor­re­spond with this fas­ci­nat­ing hol­i­day) and I went down the main ceme­tery in town. We had been told that it would be buzzing with activ­i­ty, but I don’t think we were pre­pared for how active it was. It seemed like near­ly every grave was...
Day of the Dead - Altars

Day of the Dead — Altars

The Day of the Dead altars around town were beau­ti­ful and impres­sive in the amount of work that went into them. Each was ded­i­cat­ed to sev­er­al peo­ple with vary­ing lev­els of his­tor­i­cal sig­nif­i­cance. Pho­tograph­ing the altars pre­sent­ed some chal­lenges to my panora­ma-edit­ing abil­i­ties, but I’m def­i­nite­ly learn­ing a lot about the soft­ware that I have been using...
Day of the Dead — La Catrina(s)

Day of the Dead — La Catrina(s)

Many of these pho­tos are among my favorites that I shot over the hol­i­day. I thought about keep­ing these for the last Dia de los Muer­tos post, but then I was moti­vat­ed to edit them first. So, here they are, from two events. The first was a La Cat­ri­na con­test with large paper mache designs, and the sec­ond was...
The last was the best

The last was the best

I have sought out and pho­tographed so many La Catri­nas dur­ing this Day of the Dead, but the last was the best. Bet­ter yet, I’m still edit­ing the 200 or so pho­tos I took dur­ing the show of the 4 Catri­nas. I’m down to about 95 pho­tos, and edit­ing fur­ther. Many, many more to come. This isn’t...
Day of the Dead - Part 1

Day of the Dead — Part 1

About to head out to explore more of the city for Day of the Dead, but the altars have been up around town for a few days.
Just hanging around...

Just hanging around…

…get­ting ready for Day of the Dead, and I am excit­ed. I reread­ing that and I don’t know if it sounds wrong or insen­si­tive, but I real­ly enjoy the art and learn­ing about this aspect of the Mex­i­can cul­ture. It is going to be a cou­ple of crazy weeks, and actu­al­ly I had a great, but busy week­end and had no time...