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Ready to Rock 'n Roll

Ready to Rock ‘n Roll

Appar­ent­ly one way that devel­op­ment work can start is with a wad of cash. This is Micha and me mak­ing the trans­fer of funds for the effi­cient wood-burn­ing cook­stove project. Ah, noth­ing like get­ting a few thou­sand dol­lars in denom­i­na­tions of $5’s, $10’s and $50’s, or their peso equiv­a­lents. Pret­ty excit­ing and a bit scary, and I am glad...
Niños y Niñas BIG CHECK day

Niños y Niñas BIG CHECK day

Micha and I write emails back and forth in Span­ish most often, but we kept refer­ring to the BIG CHECK as just that. It does­n’t trans­late well into Span­ish, and is more amus­ing this way. While nei­ther of us are much for cer­e­mo­ny, it felt like the right thing to do in this case, espe­cial­ly since...
Do you have 5 minutes to help us win $50k?

Do you have 5 minutes to help us win $50k?

I’m work­ing with a great team of for­mer Peace Corps Vol­un­teers and MIT stu­dents on a new non-prof­it. We were select­ed as semi-final­ists in a com­pe­ti­tion to win up to 0,000, which would get us off the ground. Mak­ing it from the top 20 to the top five requires social mar­ket­ing, because the com­pe­ti­tion is host­ed by Face­book,...