Lessons from the Ancients

I finally made it to the famous National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. It is an overwhelmingly impressive collection, so of course I’m going to have to make light of it. But really, it was great and a must see like everyone says. I probably should have paid for the audio guide, but I […]

Yawn, Snub, and Sigh

These hipster city dogs are so disaffected. You can force them to lay down in line, but you can’t make them like it. Needless to say, Inspector Wigglesworth is not impressed. He has more pressing matters to attend to.

They really are more cosmopolitan in the big city.

Alternate titles considered: “Tongue-tied with awesomeness” (yellow one with 3 tongues) “Pure awesomeness” “Ever had one of those days” (for the green, googly-eyed one) Something to do with the injustice of Marie Curie’s head ending up on a float Although they are all true in their own way, I couldn’t find the perfect image to […]