Community Participation Tools

Taking a step back to the second-to-last day of Mid-Service Training and away from my oh-so-self-important reflections, I want to share some pictures from our group field trip to one of the communities in which we have been working for the solar stove project. But, before I do that, I will explain how this outing […]

Underutilized and misplaced

First off, let me say, not me. Well, not me outside the office. The problem is that I don’t want to be utilized or placed in the office. More on this later in this post. I’m struggling a bit with tone in these essay posts. My voice is my voice, but it starts to feel […]

Mid-week Mid-Service moment of zen

As long as I can keep running and doing a bit of multi-tasking then I expect to make it through the week just fine. It will take some reflection to write something longer, but there is plenty of reflection going on this week during mid-service training. It is a different perspective entering the second year, […]