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Oh, why hello there

Oh, why hello there

It’s nice to see you again too. You are so beau­ti­ful, moun­tains. I’m hap­py that after two years apart, you were only shy for a few days before let­ting me see you again. I’ve missed you. Why don’t we do some­thing on Sun­day? I hear the weath­er is sup­posed to be very nice. I would love to go...
Marvelous Mexican Mountains - Malinche

Marvelous Mexican Mountains — Malinche

If only that title was also a palin­drome, that would be like infin­i­ty in word-nerd points. How­ev­er, even with­out a per­fect nerd score, it was won­der­ful to get back to the moun­tains with a lit­tle light moun­taineer­ing and an intense hik­ing day. We start­ed a lit­tle after 9am and made it to the top in a bit under 4 hours. The...
That's quite a view you have there

That’s quite a view you have there

Noth­ing like an active vol­cano to real­ly make the work­day more inter­est­ing, that, and get­ting to work out­side for a day.  
Don't look back. You're not going that way.

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.

You are just going up, one step at a time. Beau­ti­ful day up, on, and down Mal­inche. Full report com­ing soon.
Sweet dreams for the long journey home

Sweet dreams for the long journey home

It was a very nice week in Switzer­land. Just try­ing to keep that in mind through the long, long trav­el­ing time back to Mexico.