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SXSW 2013 - a first-timer's film festival wrap-up.

SXSW 2013 — a first-timer’s film festival wrap-up.

Count­ing shorts, I man­aged to see 41 movies in 8 days. Of course, look­ing back at the screen­ing list, there are so many more that I wish I had seen. How­ev­er, in those days I could sit no more, nor absorb more visu­al input. It was great and very intense. Only a bit of movie commentary/review. I’m using a vari­ety of rat­ing...
SXSW 2013 - first days at a film festival

SXSW 2013 — first days at a film festival

I’m tak­ing a short break from real­i­ty to take advan­tage of SXSW being in town. Since it is spring break, I have a part­ner in crime who does­n’t have to work, since she teach­es, and is the per­fect movie-going com­pan­ion for an unem­ployed gal. The pro­gram of movies alone is over­whelm­ing, and that does­n’t even count the gen­er­al...