Brand Spankin’ New

I’m at an age where I seem to consistently have 3 or 4 pregnant friends at any time. At least this time it was a local friend so I can at least take some pictures now that the baby is here. I wanted to meet the baby primarily, but I also wanted to give them […]

Eat, Pray, Dinosaur

I know. I know. I’m supposed to be transitioning to more professional material on the blog while I am still searching for employment, but I was given a new dinosaur! In miniature! Perfect for new photo projects. We did some baking today – after I did my yoga and sent out a couple of cover […]

Well now, that’s a bit different

I started editing the pics I took of all my stuff while packing, but they still throw me into a bit of a panic attack, even knowing that everything fit and all the travels went smoothly. So, in the meantime… Ewok dog makes a great temporary substitute for my cat. And now, onward to the […]

It’s not ever really 3-dog night cold here…

…in Mexico, but it certainly has been 1-cat cold. So, I had to get a cat. Of course. Since meeting the effervescent Dulce, I had been considering getting a cat, but I was firm on wanting to rescue one. What was saving me was that I didn’t know the words in Spanish for “animal shelter”.  Then, […]