Actually, that’s not true because there was plenty more distance to run, if I had been able to. As it was, I made it 2 hours and 5 minutes, instead of my intended 2h30m. Still, it was the longest run that I have ever done. If only we had been able to get that extra 25 minutes, we would have been able to solve all of the Tech Transfer problems. I was running with my compatriot Mike (, and of course we discussed work since we couldn’t actually be in the office this morning while we ran. Alas, next time. Still, it seems hard to get more than about 20k and not have to run the whole extended city area, including small adjacent towns. I never tried to run this far in Zürich, so I’m sure I would have ended up running most of the length of the lake. That’s what the marathon course did there, on both sides. Now to somehow spin this into a secondary project…

So, I guess I am training for the marathon here in October, and not the one with 4000m of elevation gain. Just a regular marathon. There is an ultramarathon the same weekend which can be done as a 2-person relay, but the first half is probably a bit too brutal with that much up. At least, I hope that this is training, because this doesn’t feel so good otherwise. I’m also going to need some more socks. I took a cue from Mike and just walked into the shower with my running gear on. A 2-hour run makes for some disgusting clothes, and I only have 2 pairs of good shorts. I did 18k on Sunday, so I took those clothes into the shower with me as well. Such a simple thing. Only took me something like 6 years of running to learn. Well, the BBQ chicken place across the street is smelling very good. Time for some (more) lunch. I don’t really want to go out, because there are stairs involved, but I’m out of yogurt and cheese as well.

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