…but quite the eco-con­do. The three of us from the solar oven project had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to go and look at an eco-con­do and organ­ic chick­en farm that have been built near town. We met the design­er, builder, entre­pre­neur-own­er at the solar cook­ing fes­ti­val. He has done some amaz­ing work on his plot of land and with the spec unit. His goal is the build and sell 5 con­dos on this land. He wants to add solar cook­ing to the host of oth­er green tech­nolo­gies he is using, and we tried to give as much advice as we could. Besides con­nect­ing him with a few con­tacts, there prob­a­bly isn’t a project for us here, but the tour of was great and the con­do was beautiful.