The trick­i­est por­tion of the effi­cient cook­stove con­struc­tion process is assem­bling the inter­nal com­bus­tion cham­ber. It isn’t dif­fi­cult, but requires a few sets of hands and under­stand­ing how the inte­ri­or pieces fit togeth­er. Two women hold the pieces in place while a third filled in around them with the sand/gravel mix­ture. This was the fourth stove assem­bly of the day, and the women have the process down to a set of pre­ci­sion maneuvers.

How to build a com­bus­tion cham­ber from Karen M on Vimeo.

I’m real­ly hap­py with the ONIL Plan­cha stoves, but I’m also not the one cook­ing on one. The qual­i­ty seems excel­lent, and the women are already report­ing that they work great. I’m com­pil­ing the wood-usage sur­vey data now for the mea­sure­ments of fuel usage pre-effi­cient cook­stove. I’m very curi­ous and excit­ed to go back and mea­sure the usage after some time with the new stoves. I think the dif­fer­ence will be dra­mat­ic. The data and time will tell.