The girl’s made it through the first night without incident or injury in their dormitories. We owe the chaperones staying with the girls big time. Day 2 was packed full, starting with yoga at 8:00am and then with presentations about self-esteem, critical thinking, and body image. All the camp participants took a fairly intensive version of the Myers-Brigg, and challenged our Spanish skills with vocabulary questions. We ended the day with conversation circles among the campers and their mentors and then a journaling activity where the girls each constructed and decorated a journal. The arts and crafts activities are great, except for the amount of stuff we have to put away in the morning, and the glitter. I really hate glitter. Oh, my Peace Corps sacrifices. First, possible infected with TB, and then definitely contaminated by glitter.


Yoga mats ready for the first day.

Morning yoga, the first time most of the girls had ever seen or done it.

Our downward facing dog during yoga. This local dog seems to have adopted us for the week.

The girls did a great job with their first time doing yoga.

Our critical thinking activity used tangram puzzles to challenge and point out the importance of experience.

Body-image awareness activity where the girls were making a representation of themselves, decorating it, and writing a few words about themselves - what they like, what they don't like, dreams, remarkable experiences.

Racing to get the supplies ready.

The crafty activities were very fun, and we could have given them hours more to work on their projects.

The animals descending on the snack table.

Meyers-Briggs time, and we did a very thorough job to make sure the girls were separated.

A little bit of down time for relaxing with friends.

Conversation circle among the girls and their mentors.

Evening journaling was a big hit, but I really hate glitter. I glitter-bombed myself while we were cleaning up.

Journal making

Careful selection of decorations for each journal