The only group picture known to exist with your truly included. Ah, the perils of being the designated photographer, a position that I love, but I did have to round up the whole group at the end of the picture-taking session because I didn’t have a single group picture with myself included. I am so proud to have been a part of this experience that I had to have one with me as well. I think every single possible combination of pair and small group picture exists in the cell phones of the girls, which should shortly be all over Facebook, but here  is my own official group picture.


I will return to posting longer entries on the other days of the camp soon – when I can make room on my hard drive to import the pictures in Lightroom and edit them. But I had to include the one pic from today first.

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    1. It was great, and exhausting. I just cleared space off my hard drive and I’m importing photos now. So, more posts as soon as I can get them organized, edited, uploaded, and captioned …

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