I really need to finish posting about the camp, because it gets harder and harder to recall the details as the days go by. I guess that is because so much as been happening over the last week. Like finishing service and moving back to the US yesterday. Oh, but enough about that. Back to the amazing camp and Day 5, with the theme of “relationships”. We had the psychologist from day 1 back to talk about healthy relationships, and then another psychologist from the center who did some great activity with the girls that I may not have paid so much attention to and therefore can’t really speak about. Hey, these pictures don’t edit themselves, and any opportunity during the week to get a little background work done was taken. He also came back the next day to do an activity about short-, medium-, and long-term goals. I didn’t see that one either since I took a day off to visit a friend. However, the collages that the girls made were fantastic as all of their arts and crafts projects were, and the content was very interesting.

Then a fantastic travelling puppet show presented a fable on personal responsibility and control. The main character was a coyote, and the whole flavor of the work was just so much like “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” (one of my favorite movies) that I know I was engaged. The girls were as well, and there should be about 20 recordings of the show online since almost every girl was recording it with her cell phone.

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I will write about the finishing service stuff soon enough, but it is all a bit trippy for now, and I don’t know what to say. Also, I have a lot of work to catch up on that was neglected while I was running to the office to finish paperwork and then packing. Unemployment is very busy.

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