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This will never do

This will never do

No, no, no. It is sup­posed to be a gold­en krak­en on a black field. I don’t know who is giv­ing House Greyjoy mar­ket­ing advice, but this is just dilut­ing the brand.
Ingenuity at work, work, work

Ingenuity at work, work, work

The corn has been har­vest­ed and dried on the patio, and now to remove the ker­nels from the cobs. One of the women we are work­ing with on the stove project showed us how they go about this process. Such a sim­ple but effec­tive design, and still an incred­i­ble amount of work, all by hand. They...
That's quite a view you have there

That’s quite a view you have there

Noth­ing like an active vol­cano to real­ly make the work­day more inter­est­ing, that, and get­ting to work out­side for a day.  
Don't look back. You're not going that way.

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.

You are just going up, one step at a time. Beau­ti­ful day up, on, and down Mal­inche. Full report com­ing soon.
I am also thankful for...

I am also thankful for…

… won­der­ful bread from the best bak­ery in town that I get to take on a vis­it to see friends.
The first thing I am thankful for...

The first thing I am thankful for…

…is good cof­fee, first thing in the morn­ing. Donuts don’t hurt either, but aren’t required.
Yawn, Snub, and Sigh

Yawn, Snub, and Sigh

These hip­ster city dogs are so disaffected. You can force them to lay down in line, but you can’t make them like it. Need­less to say, Inspec­tor Wig­glesworth is not impressed. He has more press­ing mat­ters to attend to.
Where not to climb

Where not to climb

Every­thing looked good until the rope start­ed to bump the wasp nest on the way down from the anchor. Guess that is an active nest after all… I did­n’t have the big lens with me, but the grow­ing swarm of wasps was quite evi­dent, and they seemed agitated. Good thing there are plen­ty of oth­er climbs....
I think I've been spotted...

I think I’ve been spotted…

Maybe I can just blend into the scenery… What if I smile like this? Or is that creepy? Ah geez, I’m going to end up stuffed on some­body’s side table like Uncle George. Aren’t I now… I’m just work­ing on a bit of this and that, so noth­ing so inter­est­ing to report. How­ev­er, I am con­stant­ly pick­ing up dec­o­rat­ing tips...
Mixed messages

Mixed messages

From a small town butcher’s shop, a basic “do unto oth­ers” mes­sage with omi­nous visu­als. It real­ly is just best to pay at the time of purchase.  
Up, up, but not quite away

Up, up, but not quite away

Or, hour 3 of cir­cus train­ing in the form of my first aer­i­al silks les­son. Absolute­ly as much fun as I expect­ed, and sore­ness in a whole dif­fer­ent way from climb­ing. Ele­gance is going to be a big challenge.
The Long View

The Long View

From the state of Hidal­go, look­ing out from Gru­tas Xoxafi.