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Where not to climb

Where not to climb

Every­thing looked good until the rope start­ed to bump the wasp nest on the way down from the anchor. Guess that is an active nest after all… I did­n’t have the big lens with me, but the grow­ing swarm of wasps was quite evi­dent, and they seemed agitated. Good thing there are plen­ty of oth­er climbs....
A large automobile and water flowing underground

A large automobile and water flowing underground

How did I get here? How do I work this? Where does this high­way lead to? In my case, I was not behind the wheel of the large auto­mo­bile, per Peace Corps reg­u­la­tions, but the ques­tions still apply to a bit of a bizarre week­end. I can’t real­ly say that much, except inter­est­ing times as usu­al. Oh, and maybe we should have...