How did I get here? How do I work this? Where does this highway lead to?

In my case, I was not behind the wheel of the large automobile, per Peace Corps regulations, but the questions still apply to a bit of a bizarre weekend. I can’t really say that much, except interesting times as usual. Oh, and maybe we should have realized that 2 weeks of rains would mean that the famous crystal clear azure waters of the Huasteca region would be a little muddy. The waterfalls were roaring though, and the camping in Tamasopo was very relaxing. I just have to go back, but perhaps not until October. And then we went back to the amazing crack climbing in Aculco. Fun times on top-rope and now my fingers are very tired (and my back and arms the next day).

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  1. Hi Karen!
    Great weekend! nice meeting you on the cracks!

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    1. Hi!
      It was great to meet you too, and I’m happy you found my blog!
      Look forward to meeting you out there again. So many more cracks to climb.

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