They really are more cosmopolitan in the big city.

Alternate titles considered: “Tongue-tied with awesomeness” (yellow one with 3 tongues) “Pure awesomeness” “Ever had one of those days” (for the green, googly-eyed one) Something to do with the injustice of Marie Curie’s head ending up on a float Although they are all true in their own way, I couldn’t find the perfect image to […]

Day of the Dead – Altars

The Day of the Dead altars around town were beautiful and impressive in the amount of work that went into them. Each was dedicated to several people with varying levels of historical significance. Photographing the altars presented some challenges to my panorama-editing abilities, but I’m definitely learning a lot about the software that I have […]

Day of the Dead — La Catrina(s)

Many of these photos are among my favorites that I shot over the holiday. I thought about keeping these for the last Dia de los Muertos post, but then I was motivated to edit them first. So, here they are, from two events. The first was a La Catrina contest with large paper mache designs, […]

The last was the best

I have sought out and photographed so many La Catrinas during this Day of the Dead, but the last was the best. Better yet, I’m still editing the 200 or so photos I took during the show of the 4 Catrinas. I’m down to about 95 photos, and editing further. Many, many more to come. […]

Just hanging around…

…getting ready for Day of the Dead, and I am excited. I rereading that and I don’t know if it sounds wrong or insensitive, but I really enjoy the art and learning about this aspect of the Mexican culture. It is going to be a couple of crazy weeks, and actually I had a great, […]