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Spring Fever - let's get me out of here

Spring Fever — let’s get me out of here

I would like to ask for a moment of your time to vote for my blog in a blog­ging exchange con­test host­ed my Hostelling Inter­na­tion­al. In the event that I do not have a job by June (or can take an ear­ly vaca­tion), I have the chance to win a trip and the oppor­tu­ni­ty to blog about some­thing more inter­est­ing than Latent TB....
Publish or Edit?

Publish or Edit?

When to pub­lish a post, and when to hold onto it for more edit­ing? So many blogs are ter­ri­ble. The writ­ing is usu­al­ly bor­ing. I’ve been want­i­ng to start a web­site for quite some time now, but I’m not con­vinced that I have the writ­ing chops. Hope­ful­ly, my writ­ing can evolve. In the mean­time, here are some of...