When to pub­lish a post, and when to hold onto it for more edit­ing? So many blogs are ter­ri­ble. The writ­ing is usu­al­ly bor­ing. I’ve been want­i­ng to start a web­site for quite some time now, but I’m not con­vinced that I have the writ­ing chops. Hope­ful­ly, my writ­ing can evolve. In the mean­time, here are some of the websites/writers that I aspire to:


I don’t even real­ly them all the time, but I do fol­low MM. Fry and Gaiman on twit­ter. I’ll add more to the list as I remem­ber or come across good sites. I’m sep­a­rat­ing this from my nor­mal list of news and infor­ma­tion­al sites.