The morning routine

Before coffee: Coffee is ready!!!: First sip, still fuzzy: A few sips in: Ready to go:   My apologies to the wonderful Tomomi Morimoto for slightly rearranging the order and certainly misinterpreting the meaning of her performance and for my own purposes.

The most wonderful time of the year

The circus festival is back! The circus festival is back! Forget all other ways of marking Peace Corps service time, I am now just counting time in between festivals of acrobatics. Tonight was the kick-off of the 5th annual Festival Internacional Alternativo de Artes Escénicas, or Siguientescena. It seems a little smaller than last year, but […]

January Cultural Leftovers

From the Down the Street on a Friday Night post, here are some of the other images I captured at the stumbled upon cultural event in the next neighborhood over from mine. The costumes were amazing, and I wish the pictures weren’t so blurry. My good lens still couldn’t quite handle the combination of low light […]

Are there circus groupies?

The 4th annual festival of alternative arts (Festival Siguientescena 2011) in town did not disappoint last week. Consisting of “unconventional theater, dance, and circus” performances, the general quality of the talent was extremely high. Full of great music, dance, and people doing generally crazy things with their bodies, these types of performances are some of my […]

Monday is for Organization

But here is a placeholder while I process the 45 or so images that I want to post from the Festival Siguientescena. This is my final photo of the evening and the festival, because my battery died right after I took this one. So fitting though, because b-boy Gregory from Canada was probably my favorite […]