The 4th annual festival of alternative arts (Festival Siguientescena 2011) in town did not disappoint last week. Consisting of “unconventional theater, dance, and circus” performances, the general quality of the talent was extremely high. Full of great music, dance, and people doing generally crazy things with their bodies, these types of performances are some of my favorite types. I went 3 evenings and found myself just wanting to run away and join the circus, or at least quit my day job (so-to-speak) and follow the circus as a photographer.

[nggallery id=27]

My apologies to anyone I mislabeled or was not able to identify. I welcome corrections and additions. To find out more about all of the performers, there is a decent website for the festival at:
It seems to survive year-to-year. No promises though about the persistence of the information.

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