Ingenuity at work, work, work

The corn has been harvested and dried on the patio, and now to remove the kernels from the cobs. One of the women we are working with on the stove project showed us how they go about this process. Such a simple but effective design, and still an incredible amount of work, all by hand. […]

Hours 1-2 of 10,000

Before I can run off and join the circus instead of just being an acrobat groupie, I have to start taking some lessons. Good thing for me that I have a friend starting up a school, and I have a few web skills to barter for classes. Time to get on the silks! (Or hopefully […]

Late night banana-cart chronicles

It was late. Not so late that the streets were empty, but empty enough for a lone roasted banana-cart salesman. From outside my front window, I heard a screaming whistle that impelled me to the front window to investigate. Looking down to the street I immediately recognized the source, but it was still a strange […]

Ingenuity inspiration

I looked up the definition of ingenuity to make sure I was thinking about it properly. in·ge·nu·i·ty (n): the quality of being clever, original, and inventive. (from googling “definition ingenuity”) Turns out I knew the definition. Knowing the definition doesn’t change why I was thinking about it. I can believe that sometimes I am each […]