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Nice to have a few days at home

Nice to have a few days at home

After keep­ing my fridge most­ly emp­ty for the past month while I have been trav­el­ing every few days, it is nice to be able to go to the local mar­ket to restock. The scene can get a bit wild on the week­ends, and I final­ly had the courage to sneak a bunch of pho­tos with my iPod. Now if...
Just that type of day

Just that type of day

Sigh. I had to buy some chips and a soda. It’s only Wednes­day. Sigh. Of course, I also went for a fair­ly nice to run to bal­ance things out. Did­n’t com­plete­ly work. Onto a bit of gin now. I’m ready for a vaca­tion, but that is still weeks away.
Christmas Crafter's Paradise in Mexico

Christmas Crafter’s Paradise in Mexico

A cou­ple of weeks ago I went to the mar­ket to do my nor­mal shop­ping and I went in a side door. When I came out through the main door how­ev­er I stum­bled into a baf­fling array of moss­es, small wood­en hous­es, and even small­er plas­tic ani­mals.  Prob­a­bly due to the fact that I’m not what you would call a Christ­mas expert...
So, it's kiss a pig for luck right?

So, it’s kiss a pig for luck right?

So I’ve got this right? The night before a big race it’s: drink plen­ty of water, eat pas­ta, and kiss a pig for luck?
Market bounty

Market bounty

Return from Volunteer Visit

Return from Volunteer Visit

I’m back from a few days in the cam­po. Great trip. Only time for a few pic­tures right now. Start­ing with the most impor­tant — the food. Had deli­cious huaraches in the mer­ca­do, and def­i­nite­ly not the shoe vari­ety — blue corn, nopales, pota­to, and mucho queso. Also had some time in the beau­ti­ful park. Did­n’t get to climb...
Market Day

Market Day

Anoth­er trip to an amaz­ing market.