After keeping my fridge mostly empty for the past month while I have been traveling every few days, it is nice to be able to go to the local market to restock. The scene can get a bit wild on the weekends, and I finally had the courage to sneak a bunch of photos with my iPod. Now if they would only put a decent camera on the thing like with the phone. Oh well, I’ll edit these a bit more heavily than normal, call them artsy, and enjoy eating well for the next week.

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  1. Haha, I love the comments on these pictures. My fav is “It appears to be mostly parts of the vas­cu­lar system.” Mmm, appetizing o_0

    1. It is amazing how unappetizing something can look and smell and yet how popular it can be. This guy always has a line of people waiting for a bag full o’ meat. The cheese line was especially long, so I had more time than normal to wonder over this meat concoction while trying to avoid the larger wafts of smoke headed my way. I wish I had a better picture to fully capture how it really does seem to be mostly tubular parts, and cow vessels are not small. I can only imagine the texture… yuck.

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