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I'm just going to sit here

I’m just going to sit here

Don’t make me decide. It’s too hot to do any­thing but swim. Real­ly  too hot to swim, so I’m just going to sit here.
When nature color-blocks

When nature color-blocks

Pinal de Amoles and one Puente de Dios

Pinal de Amoles and one Puente de Dios

It was real­ly hard to nar­row down the 200-odd pic­tures I took last week­end down to the just-under 40 that I am show­ing below. The Río Escanela near Pinal de Amoles in the Sier­ra Gor­da de Querétaro turns out to be just as beau­ti­ful as the soon-to-be off-lim­its Huaste­ca region in San Luis Potosí. I had always heard...
Beautiful and fun

Beautiful and fun

No, no, I’m not talk­ing about myself, like always, but instead the riv­er, canyon and water­falls at the Río Escanela near Pinal de Amoles. Sat­ur­day was a per­fect day for a hike in and besides the riv­er. I did­n’t wear the best clothes for swim­ming, but that did­n’t mat­ter when we got to the real water­falls. I had to...
A new day

A new day

From Isla Isabel, Nayarit. I final­ly got around to assem­bling the time-lapse video. It’s been a pret­ty qui­et week oth­er­wise. Busy, but quiet. [vimeo w=500&h=400] Appar­ent­ly I bumped the cam­era a cou­ple of times. Still, for a first attempt at time-lapse video and man­u­al­ly tim­ing each shot, I’m happy.  
The steaming river, epiphytes, orchids, and bromeliads

The steaming river, epiphytes, orchids, and bromeliads

After my week­end in San Blas and Isla Isabel, I went to Guadala­jara for “a series of work meet­ings.” Haha, a bit of a pri­vate joke there, but I did work some. I also had a real­ly nice week relax­ing and explor­ing a bit. The high­light of the week was the vis­it to the Bosque la Pri­mav­era. This is a pro­tect­ed area just...