It was really hard to narrow down the 200-odd pictures I took last weekend down to the just-under 40 that I am showing below. The Río Escanela near Pinal de Amoles in the Sierra Gorda de Querétaro turns out to be just as beautiful as the soon-to-be off-limits Huasteca region in San Luis Potosí. I had always heard about the beautiful crystal clear blue waters in these types of canyons, but my one other visit in the rainy season had turned out to be a little muddy. I was not disappointed this time. The actual waterfall, Puente de Dios, was dry since we have been out of the rainy season for a few months, but the structure of the waterfall on the mountain side looked amazing nevertheless. The waterfall exits the mountain and must be spectacular. I can understand why this is one of several waterfalls with that exalted name. There is one more in this state and at least one more up north.

I don’t think the pictures need a lot of captioning. Just beautifully green and blue all the way along the hike up the canyon. I was with a couple of friends and their delightful infant son. At the end of the regular hike we opted for the swim through the cave and under the waterfall (see this post for those shots) to have a different hike out with views of the whole waterfall. Sorry I couldn’t edit down to fewer photos, but you will just have to sit there and enjoy all of them. That is for certain.

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