Bad influence

If only I could say that this wasn’t one of several similarly-sized stacks of treats to return with me. It’s for presents. Sure, presents. Except, I can’t give the squished ones away.Dino made me do it. Dragged me all over the grocery store.  

Oh, why hello there

It’s nice to see you again too. You are so beautiful, mountains. I’m happy that after two years apart, you were only shy for a few days before letting me see you again. I’ve missed you. Why don’t we do something on Sunday? I hear the weather is supposed to be very nice. I would […]

This is getting to be a problem.

The home office and my stash of Swiss chocolate are a dangerous combo. Also, there is one block of gruyere left as well, but the cheese has been easier to make last because I don’t always have time to get down to the one good bakery where I can get the bread that the cheese […]

Return to the Winter Bouldering Grounds

Just like the monarchs returning to Mexico in Winter, some things are seasonally determined, like a Ticino bouldering session if the weather allows in December. Until the clouds dissipated and the full sun came out there was less activity to be seen, but also like with the monarchs, the activity level really picked up once things warmed up a bit. […]

Good party

I’m definitely a bit sad today, and saying goodbye to people at the party was tough. It’s going about as well as it can though, since it’s turning out to be a nice, calm day.

Going-away Party Day

Two more days in Switzerland, and I’m not sleeping so well as a result. The stress isn’t too bad though, or else this flu would have hit me much worse. After M ruthlessly helped me go through my suitcases last night, they are under-weight with only a few things still to go in. So it […]

One week

Packed up the kitchen today and showed the apartment. Just over 40 people showed up in the hour we had it open. Not too bad for Zurich, but still stressful.

What moving looks like in Zurich

Bulk, household garbage tram one day   Electronics waste tram the next Best part was when one of the guys at the electronics waste tram rescued a stack of VHS tapes for himself.