Just like the monarchs returning to Mexico in Winter, some things are seasonally determined, like a Ticino bouldering session if the weather allows in December. Until the clouds dissipated and the full sun came out there was less activity to be seen, but also like with the monarchs, the activity level really picked up once things warmed up a bit. It was a generally fantastic day after the initial grumbling about the freezing cold rock. Reviewing my posts on Switzerland from the past week, I keep using the same vocabulary – great, amazing, fantastic. It is sounding a little repetitive, so I will keep the writing to a minimum and let the pictures do most of the communicating.

Now the discussion gets more technical. I had my good shoes on for working the infamous Slopy Traverse, and after making a tiny amount of progress on a few moves and watching the guys do great, I did a 6c mantel which wasn’t my first 6c, but was my first for Cresciano. Very satisfying to feel that I am not too weak after all this sport climbing in Mexico, even if it was just a one-move 6c. It was a lot of fun, and that is the most important.

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I feel like I lost a day traveling back home to Mexico, so really I’m on-time to say Happy New Year. I spent the 1st in a jet lag, 30-hour of travelling, spending hours uploading pictures instead of seconds because I’m back on crappy internet fog – still better than a hangover. I might do a look-back post in the next few days if work doesn’t get as crazy as I expect it to be.

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