Just like the mon­archs return­ing to Mex­i­co in Win­ter, some things are sea­son­al­ly deter­mined, like a Tici­no boul­der­ing ses­sion if the weath­er allows in Decem­ber. Until the cloud­s dis­si­pat­ed and the full sun came out there was less activ­i­ty to be seen, but also like with the mon­archs, the activ­i­ty lev­el real­ly picked up once things warmed up a bit. It was a gen­er­al­ly fan­tas­tic day after the ini­tial grum­bling about the freez­ing cold rock. Review­ing my posts on Switzer­land from the past week, I keep using the same vocab­u­lary — great, amaz­ing, fan­tas­tic. It is sound­ing a lit­tle repet­i­tive, so I will keep the writ­ing to a min­i­mum and let the pic­tures do most of the communicating.

Now the dis­cus­sion gets more tech­ni­cal. I had my good shoes on for work­ing the infa­mous Slopy Tra­verse, and after mak­ing a tiny amount of progress on a few moves and watch­ing the guys do great, I did a 6c man­tel which was­n’t my first 6c, but was my first for Cres­ciano. Very sat­is­fy­ing to feel that I am not too weak after all this sport climb­ing in Mex­i­co, even if it was just a one-move 6c. It was a lot of fun, and that is the most important.

I feel like I lost a day trav­el­ing back home to Mex­i­co, so real­ly I’m on-time to say Hap­py New Year. I spent the 1st in a jet lag, 30-hour of trav­el­ling, spend­ing hours upload­ing pic­tures instead of sec­onds because I’m back on crap­py inter­net fog — still bet­ter than a hang­over. I might do a look-back post in the next few days if work does­n’t get as crazy as I expect it to be.