I’m hav­ing on-and-off pro­duc­tive days as I try to get rid of stuff — con­tract my pos­ses­sions. This is my sec­ond over­seas move, and I’m feel­ing fine about the amount of stuff that I have and get­ting rid of much of it. I’m going to end up with more stuff in “stor­age” at M’s par­en­t’s place. What is stress­ing me is the feel­ing that M will not be pre­pared when his move comes. He has nev­er real­ly moved, except into our cur­rent apart­ment, 10 years ago. Most of the crap is his, and there is a fair amount of it. Try­ing to bal­ance the push and pull to help get rid of stuff. I hate throw­ing stuff away when some­one else could use it.