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What moving back looks like

What moving back looks like

3 weeks out and I can final­ly edit the pack­ing pic­tures with­out the pan­icky feel­ing com­ing back. Every­thing fit and made it back. I would say with no prob­lems, but pack­ing day was stress­ful enough that it was a prob­lem at the time. I made it down to Mex­i­co for Peace Corps ser­vice with 2 huge checked bags, 1 large car­ry-on...
Posh Core

Posh Core

Every­thing was deliv­ered today, even though I just ordered inter­net yes­ter­day. So, now I can work and blog from my couch and get focused on oth­er projects, which will hope­ful­ly keep me out of the house. Still, it is feel­ing very nice to have this place to come home to, and I’m start­ing to feel like hav­ing...
Furniture delivered...with style

Furniture delivered…with style

I would like to say that this is the last post about mov­ing in, but I’m very excit­ed about my futon deliv­ery on Thurs­day, so there will prob­a­bly be a pic­ture of that as well. These mov­ing-in pic­tures and posts are what is hap­pen­ing in my life right now, but they are not inter­est­ing for more...
Picture of a Moving-In

Picture of a Moving-In

I’m sit­ting on the floor in the one cor­ner of my apart­ment where the inter­net reach­es, and I’m just too tired to write more. No fur­ni­ture, maybe not until Mon­day because of the rain.
Where I'm at (no turntables nor microphones)

Where I’m at (no turntables nor microphones)

With much trep­i­da­tion and frus­tra­tion I went to look at my apart­ment last night. I was sup­posed to move in on the 20th, but the repairs to the kitchen sink are tak­ing longer than expect­ed.  I did­n’t know what to expect with my lim­it­ed under­stand­ing of the prob­lem, but I heard some­thing about the floor. So, I was expect­ing there...
Sworn-in and now presenting the volunteers of PCMexico-10

Sworn-in and now presenting the volunteers of PCMexico-10

We were offi­cial­ly sworn-in yes­ter­day in a very nice cer­e­mo­ny held at the PC head­quar­ters office here in Mex­i­co. The cer­e­mo­ny and apero after­wards were a sat­is­fy­ing way to end the stress­ful train­ing time, and then we, the new vol­un­teers, basi­cal­ly just cel­e­brat­ed for the rest of the day. So today is mov­ing day, for round 2 of host...
Good party

Good party

I’m def­i­nite­ly a bit sad today, and say­ing good­bye to peo­ple at the par­ty was tough. It’s going about as well as it can though, since it’s turn­ing out to be a nice, calm day.
Going-away Party Day

Going-away Party Day

Two more days in Switzer­land, and I’m not sleep­ing so well as a result. The stress isn’t too bad though, or else this flu would have hit me much worse. After M ruth­less­ly helped me go through my suit­cas­es last night, they are under-weight with only a few things still to go in. So it is time to...
Packing is the worst

Packing is the worst

I can’t do it. Two suit­cas­es and my back­pack just aren’t quite enough. I’m going to have to check a third bag. If I could sneak past check in with a car­ry-on suit­case, a brief­case, and a purse then I will tech­ni­cal­ly be with­in the lim­its. Or, I’m going to recon­sid­er what I am try­ing to take over the next 5 days and...
One week

One week

Packed up the kitchen today and showed the apart­ment. Just over 40 peo­ple showed up in the hour we had it open. Not too bad for Zurich, but still stressful.
Picture of a Move (#2)

Picture of a Move (#2)

What moving looks like in Zurich

What moving looks like in Zurich

Bulk, house­hold garbage tram one day   Elec­tron­ics waste tram the next Best part was when one of the guys at the elec­tron­ics waste tram res­cued a stack of VHS tapes for himself.