As I look over the pic­tures from León, tak­en dur­ing our Field Based Train­ing, I think that I’m not giv­ing the city enough cred­it. It cer­tain­ly looks like we had some fun. The expe­ri­ence was a bit taint­ed, fig­u­ra­tive­ly and lit­er­al­ly, by the frus­tra­tion of hav­ing one of our meet­ings can­celed. the trou­ble to find shoes in what is sup­posed to be the shoe shangri-la, and my first expe­ri­ence with food dif­fi­cul­ties and find­ing myself in the down­ward spi­ral of food poi­son­ing (not being able to or want­i­ng to eat means not hav­ing ener­gy, then still not being able to eat to gain said energy).

There were some fun times.