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Be right back

Be right back

Can’t write now. It’s fon­due time.
Into the wild(er) slightly more northern parts

Into the wild(er) slightly more northern parts

I had a spur-of-the-moment chance to make a quick vis­it to the love­ly state of Aguas­calientes recent­ly. I’ve been mean­ing to vis­it the Vol­un­teer liv­ing up there, but sched­ul­ing these trips is tricky, unless you can just go with the flow and take the last-minute oppor­tu­ni­ty. This is now the most norther­ly part of Mex­i­co we are...
Lessons from the Ancients

Lessons from the Ancients

I final­ly made it to the famous Nation­al Muse­um of Anthro­pol­o­gy in Mex­i­co City. It is an over­whelm­ing­ly impres­sive col­lec­tion, so of course I’m going to have to make light of it. But real­ly, it was great and a must see like every­one says. I prob­a­bly should have paid for the audio guide, but I like wan­der­ing too.
Don't look back. You're not going that way.

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.

You are just going up, one step at a time. Beau­ti­ful day up, on, and down Mal­inche. Full report com­ing soon.
Pinal de Amoles and one Puente de Dios

Pinal de Amoles and one Puente de Dios

It was real­ly hard to nar­row down the 200-odd pic­tures I took last week­end down to the just-under 40 that I am show­ing below. The Río Escanela near Pinal de Amoles in the Sier­ra Gor­da de Querétaro turns out to be just as beau­ti­ful as the soon-to-be off-lim­its Huaste­ca region in San Luis Potosí. I had always heard...
The Long View

The Long View

From the state of Hidal­go, look­ing out from Gru­tas Xoxafi.
Don't forget me.

Don’t forget me.

One more soc­cer ball dis­tri­b­u­tion trip. One more soc­cer ball dis­tri­b­u­tion trip! Whew. The end is in sight. Actu­al­ly, I will prob­a­bly be more sad than glad that the project is com­ing to a close. It has been a lot of fun trav­el­ing around and vis­it­ing all the dif­fer­ent Vol­un­teer sites to cause chaos (with the best of...
85,000 birds in the sky - the River of Raptors

85,000 birds in the sky — the River of Raptors

Or, more specif­i­cal­ly, 85,591 including: 33,376 Turkey vultures 7 Swal­low-tailed kites 1 Mis­sis­sip­pi Kite 8 Norther Harriers 29 Sharp-shinned hawks 39 Coop­er’s hawks 2 Gray hawks 5109 Broad-winged hawks 41,864 Swain­son’s hawks 16 Amer­i­can kestrels 5 Pere­grine falcons 5135 Unknown raptors Details here. See: All of this was in just one day observ­ing the Río de Rapaces, or Riv­er...
Getting out more

Getting out more

From the Sier­ra Gor­da de Gua­na­ju­a­to where I spent the last 2 days work­ing, although it does­n’t feel like work when the set­ting is so beautiful.      
Yucatan Peninsula - Day 7 - Cenotes

Yucatan Peninsula — Day 7 — Cenotes

Woul­da, shoul­da, coul­da. Along with every­thing else, the Yucatan penin­su­la is also known for its cenotes, or sort of sink­hole caves, result­ing from the lime­stone geol­o­gy. There are too many to vis­it, but we had a hard time pick­ing even one to vis­it. We were dri­ving by them in the mid­dle of our trip and should...
Yucatan Peninsula - Day 6 - Isla Holbox

Yucatan Peninsula — Day 6 — Isla Holbox

We were done ear­ly after our bird­ing tour in Rio Lagar­tos, and so we head­ed for our sec­ond relax­ing day on the beach on Isla Hol­box. It is a quick fer­ry ride from Chiquila to the island, and then we walked down the sand streets to the beach and found a hotel. This was our sec­ond small...
Yucatan Peninsula - Day 5 - Rio Lagartos

Yucatan Peninsula — Day 5 — Rio Lagartos

Birds, birds, birds. Rio Lagar­tos is anoth­er town at the end of the road, but this time on a lagoon. The area is known for bird­watch­ing, and it is anoth­er pro­tect­ed Mex­i­can bios­phere reserve. Along with Celestun, this is one of the places to find large flamin­go colonies. We did­n’t see the thou­sands of flamin­gos that...