We have been informed that we are mid-training, and we are therefore taking part in all sorts of evaluative processes to determine how things are progressing. I wasn’t feeling burnt out at all until I was told that I should be feeling stressed and tired of all this. Spanish class is still fantastic. I might move classes tomorrow to challenge myself a bit more, but the decision is up to me after I test out the new class in the morning.

Anyway, I took a quick photo this evening to try to summarize my feelings. Included is the desire to study and practice Spanish in the evening, the ability to enjoy sitting on the balcony for hours on end (with liberally applied mosquito repellant), a need to relax after something between 5-7 hours of Spanish class plus some sort of sector or technology transfer session, and chatting with mi amiga about all of it.

No complaints though overall. I’m very happy, especially when the internet is fast enough to skype and blog from at home.

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