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Turn the car around

Turn the car around

No seri­ous­ly, I swear there are zebras back there. Noth­ing like clas­sic week­end Amer­i­cana in Texas Hill Country. Best unex­pect­ed zebra detail: fuzzy ears I just hope they aren’t for sell­ing zebra meat.
SXSW 2013 - a first-timer's film festival wrap-up.

SXSW 2013 — a first-timer’s film festival wrap-up.

Count­ing shorts, I man­aged to see 41 movies in 8 days. Of course, look­ing back at the screen­ing list, there are so many more that I wish I had seen. How­ev­er, in those days I could sit no more, nor absorb more visu­al input. It was great and very intense. Only a bit of movie commentary/review. I’m using a vari­ety of rat­ing...
SXSW 2013 - first days at a film festival

SXSW 2013 — first days at a film festival

I’m tak­ing a short break from real­i­ty to take advan­tage of SXSW being in town. Since it is spring break, I have a part­ner in crime who does­n’t have to work, since she teach­es, and is the per­fect movie-going com­pan­ion for an unem­ployed gal. The pro­gram of movies alone is over­whelm­ing, and that does­n’t even count the gen­er­al...
There's always something else

There’s always something else

Well, my new Texas dri­ver’s license says that I am offi­cial­ly a res­i­dent. It’s nice to be back to read­ing a paper each morn­ing, includ­ing the cross­word in a lan­guage where I stand a chance. Sun­days seem to just dis­ap­pear into the big ones. Still, I did­n’t expect it to be like this… What is a Chi­wee­nie? Oh dear lord. Then I googled it. The...
Wild and crazy gals

Wild and crazy gals

And two def­i­nite­ly wilder canine boys. You know who is the per­fect pic­nic com­pan­ion when you aren’t drink­ing? Yes, real ques­tion, not the set-up to a bad one-lin­er. Preg­nant ladies make the best friends when you can’t drink either. Abbie and I got real crazy in the park on a beau­ti­ful Pres­i­den­t’s Day after­noon with sparkling cran­ber­ry cider...
This is crazy... but you called me, maybe?

This is crazy… but you called me, maybe?

Some­times you just have to take the call. As some­one in the midst of the job search, I cer­tain­ly under­stand the impor­tance of a phone call. So, I did­n’t mind that our beau­ti­ful Sat­ur­day ride down to the beach was occa­sion­al­ly inter­rupt­ed to fin­ish mak­ing evening plans. I don’t think this is what was ini­tial­ly envi­sioned for the...
A new perspective

A new perspective

After vis­it­ing the place many times over rough­ly a year and a half and climb­ing there for near­ly as long, the one thing that was miss­ing from my Bernal expe­ri­ence was actu­al­ly climb­ing up the whole damn thing. Well check that off my list in a most pleas­ant way. We picked one of the clas­sic and relaxed mul­ti-pitch...
Marvelous Mexican Mountains - Malinche

Marvelous Mexican Mountains — Malinche

If only that title was also a palin­drome, that would be like infin­i­ty in word-nerd points. How­ev­er, even with­out a per­fect nerd score, it was won­der­ful to get back to the moun­tains with a lit­tle light moun­taineer­ing and an intense hik­ing day. We start­ed a lit­tle after 9am and made it to the top in a bit under 4 hours. The...
Don't look back. You're not going that way.

Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.

You are just going up, one step at a time. Beau­ti­ful day up, on, and down Mal­inche. Full report com­ing soon.
Yawn, Snub, and Sigh

Yawn, Snub, and Sigh

These hip­ster city dogs are so disaffected. You can force them to lay down in line, but you can’t make them like it. Need­less to say, Inspec­tor Wig­glesworth is not impressed. He has more press­ing mat­ters to attend to.
Where not to climb

Where not to climb

Every­thing looked good until the rope start­ed to bump the wasp nest on the way down from the anchor. Guess that is an active nest after all… I did­n’t have the big lens with me, but the grow­ing swarm of wasps was quite evi­dent, and they seemed agitated. Good thing there are plen­ty of oth­er climbs....
Beautiful and fun

Beautiful and fun

No, no, I’m not talk­ing about myself, like always, but instead the riv­er, canyon and water­falls at the Río Escanela near Pinal de Amoles. Sat­ur­day was a per­fect day for a hike in and besides the riv­er. I did­n’t wear the best clothes for swim­ming, but that did­n’t mat­ter when we got to the real water­falls. I had to...