Because we are all “primeros respondientes” now after our day of first aid training, of course.

Or, because we got our site assignments, and I didn’t end up on the floor as in the above picture.

We may have been able to skip the balloons-and-darts portion of the presentation, but we still had a bit of drumroll…

ta da…

I’m basically staying put. I may have to move out to the suburb closer to where the research center is, or I may be able to commute from the center of town where I am now. I am excited that another volunteer and I, that get along together really well, are going to be the first Peace Corps volunteers at our center, and I think we will be able to collaborate if not exactly work together. More details later when I have translated my project details, and it’s not 5 de Mayo. However, it is pretty clear why my resume would lead in this direction. My title is “investigadora”, a.k.a. researcher, and my projects are partially as expected where I could be involved in some writing/editing of research papers and mentoring graduate students in areas of materials research. There is a big microscopy emphasis because it looks like there is a new microscope to install and get working. I need to translate more and more carefully to make sure that I don’t misspeak.

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