Working… Expocyteq and Cinvestav

I don’t write a lot about work for a variety of reasons, but yesterday was a good primary project day. I worked at my site’s booth in a science and technology exposition for kids. The focus of our booth was alternative energy, and there was a hands-on activity where the kids got to see wind, […]

First day on the job

I’m sitting in my new office with a few minutes to breathe. I always forget how much paperwork can be involved when starting a new job, especially when the approach to this new endeavor isn’t like any other job or even really a job. As a good friend said about training “this isn’t a professional […]

Tech Transfer in Mexico, or my visiting professorship after PST

We started out the week with the Counterpart Workshop, and then I spent the day yesterday at my new workplace, where I will be starting in June. Another trainee (very soon-to-be volunteer) and I are going to the same site, and we are the first volunteers to be at this center. There are a lot […]

Week 8, for the win!

Because we are all “primeros respondientes” now after our day of first aid training, of course. Or, because we got our site assignments, and I didn’t end up on the floor as in the above picture. We may have been able to skip the balloons-and-darts portion of the presentation, but we still had a bit […]