We were offi­cial­ly sworn-in yes­ter­day in a very nice cer­e­mo­ny held at the PC head­quar­ters office here in Mex­i­co. The cer­e­mo­ny and apero after­wards were a sat­is­fy­ing way to end the stress­ful train­ing time, and then we, the new vol­un­teers, basi­cal­ly just cel­e­brat­ed for the rest of the day.

So today is mov­ing day, for round 2 of host fam­i­lies. I’m exiled to a sub­urb until I can find an apart­ment here in town, but that process has already begun and is my main focus until it is accom­plished. It is still a stress­ful time, like mov­ing always is, but at least there aren’t lug­gage restric­tions for this move. I arrived with lug­gage that made it through two inter­na­tion­al air trav­el voy­ages, but now needs twice the num­ber of bags.