And I was a bit dis­turbed. How and why was this search term what led some­one to my blog? I don’t know why it took me so long to turn to Google Ana­lyt­ics for the answer, but I final­ly did yes­ter­day. Then, I geeked out on my num­bers for an hour, because the cus­tom reports are now one of my new favorite things. I was able to make a report that told be where the peo­ple who found my site via a spe­cif­ic search term come from. This par­tic­u­lar search seemed to have orig­i­nat­ed in West Hol­ly­wood, which prob­a­bly means they were look­ing for the Para­mount lawyer with whom I hap­pen to share a name. I real­ly have to fight the urge to say “all data belong to us.” Or to com­bine inter­net memes, and go with some­thing like “all yur dataz belung to uz”. I’m not say­ing these things. I’m just say­ing I have the urge to.